Another Student Revolt in Canada

Students are fed up right across Canada (for the most part, there are exceptions) with mismanagement and petty politics in their students’ unions.  Some students are even taking action.  The Link, the student newspaper at Concordia University reports about a student campaign to replace their SU executive::

A group of students are trying to recall the Concordia Student Union executive.
Monday night at the Cinema Politica screening of Sisters in Law and God Sleeps in Rwanda, first year Concordia student Ethan Cox, along with several other students, officially launched a campaign to try and collect the necessary names to trigger a January by-election.
Before the films began, Cox—working independtly of the student group he helped form, Unite! Concordia—stood before the audience and said, “tonight we’re going to recall our corrupt CSU executive […] they have broken our trust and colluded with the administration.”
The catalyst for this initiative, according the students launching the campaign, was the accusations by former CSU exec Taylor Noakes in the Link two weeks ago. Noakes said this year’s executive helped censor student media and colluded with the university administration to win last year’s elections.

The following quote describes the MSU (for the most part, there are some exceptions) to a T:

“Concordia political life at this point […] people are getting fed up,” said Bichara Ifsa, member of überculture, who plans on helping to get signatures for the recall. “I feel like [the CSU] are not really working for students but trying to improve their CV,” he said.

The above is from two editions ago.  The edition for this week had a follow-up article which does not give the exact number of signatures collected so far but it sounds like they are well on their way to get the necessary signatures for impeachment.