B.S. Thursday

That is what I am calling yesterday. Rarely does the antics of politicians actually bother me. I usually find the childish behaviour mildly entertaining, but today they have really pissed me off. The B.S. in Parliament with the Shane Doan affair and the blocking of Facebook at Queen’s Park. Do politicians not have something better to do with their time? Before some party claims innocence today, remember that all four parties supported the Shane Doan hearings.

Did you politicians solve child poverty like you said you would before 2000? No! Have you solved homelessness? No! Do we still have infrastructure problems? Yes! Does this mean that you have time for these stupid decisions and debates? No!

Get back to work!

Also, I love how the parties are accusing each other of playing politics with the Shane Doan affair. Imagine that, politicians playing politics! What is next? Doctors practicing medicine?

BTW, in other news today (that you did not hear politicians in Ottawa talking about), StatsCan released numbers today on the income of Canadians. In the release today, StatsCan stated:

Statistics Canada’s low-income rate measures the percentage of families below the low income cut-off (LICO). The LICO is a statistical measure of the income thresholds below which Canadians likely devote a larger share of income than average to the necessities of food, shelter and clothing.

In 2005, an estimated 655,000 Canadian families were below the LICO after taxes, representing 7.4% of all families, a proportion unchanged from 2004. The families in low income faced an average gap of $7,900, which represents the amount of income they required to bring their income above the cut-off.

Nothing to see here folks, move along….. back to a two year old comment that may or may not have been said!

Mackay’s cartoons make me feel a little better.

(Also, I know that I could be covering better stories than this but the Facebook story is very interesting.)