Update on CFS legal threats and some stuff

I posted back in the beginning of April about the Canadian Federation of Students sending a high priced lawyer after me for a post I did about a referendum at Concordia. In that post, I made clear to the CFS that all legal threats are to be put in writing and that I will inform my readership of those threats by publishing CFS threats in their entirety.

Turns out that no threats have been sent since. I good lesson for those of you out there that write about the CFS, get them to put legal threats in writing.

I am relieved that the CFS did not take me to court only because I rather not waste time in court and putting the money upfront for legal representation would have sucked as well.

In other news, I am working on the backend of my server to configure a posting system to enable me to create a photoblog that will show up on the main blog but also be a nice separate blog. I am planning to buy a good Canon DSLR at some point near the end of the summer and will definitely post pictures of my travels and such.