CASA and SSMU in court

*Maclean’s *has learned that the lawsuit filed by the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations(CASA) against the Student Society of McGill University(SSMU) is currently being argued before the courts.

CASA is suing for $28,000 plus interest. CASA claims that the SSMU failed to fully pay their required membership dues in 2005. The SSMU disputes this stating they paid what they owed.

The SSMU voted to leave CASA in 2005 and pursued membership in a rival lobbying organization the Canadian Federation of Students.

CASA also sued the University of Manitoba Students’ Union(UMSU) for dues they owed when left the organization in 2005.

CASA and UMSU reached an out-of-court settlement in the fall with UMSU paying $28,808 in back dues to CASA.

Talks between the SSMU and CASA were unsuccessful in reaching a out-of-court settlement.

The two sides have submitted arguments before the courts. A decision date is not yet known.