Which schools are the 1%

A news release touting research by ABI Research claims that 802.11n WiFi will be installed in 99% of colleges and universities in five years time. 802.11n is the newest variation in WiFi standards, with most people still using the ‘g’ standard and some places still using ‘b’.

When I read the release, I laughed for two reasons. The fact that somebody actually “researched” this and the statement that 1% of schools will not have WiFi in 2013.

Seriously, they had to research to know that as colleges and universities renew routers on, at most, a four to five year cycle. Is it a surprise they will be purchasing the new standard. (You can’t go and buy ‘b’ standard routers easily anymore, same will apply to ‘g’ routers)

Second, do they know what schools will not be renewing their networks in the next five years? How do they know it is only 1%, what if it’s 2%?

Sounds like they wanted to cover themselves in case one school decides against having WiFi.

I doubt one can actually “research” the future with such great accuracy.