CFS News Release Hits Bob Rae

The Canadian Federation of Students sent out the following release today:

Attention News/Education/Parliament Hill Editors:

Students Say: “Bob Rae is a Disaster for Affordable Public Education” Urge Toronto Centre Liberals not to Nominate Bob Rae

TORONTO, Feb. 23 /CNW/ – Bob Rae, a champion of higher tuition fees and deeper debt for Ontario’s students, is an unpalatable candidate for the Liberals in the riding of Toronto Centre, according to the Canadian Federation of Students. Both George Brown College and Ryerson University have campuses in the riding and many students from Toronto’s eight colleges and universities live in Toronto Centre.

“Bob Rae has been a disaster for affordable education,” said Jesse Greener, Ontario Chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Students. “His record as Premier speaks for itself and his most recent campaign to deregulate tuition fees hasn’t won him any friends among students and their families.

I agree with much of the release.  My only questions are which students? and why are no students mentioned or quoted in the release?  Could the CFS not find one?  Jesse Greener is not a student, I do not even know when he was last a full-time student.  He has been working for the CFS for at least two years now.

Source: CNW Group