Comments on My Blog

Just a quick reminder.  Due to the massive amounts of comment spam that my server is hit with every day, I have sent comments to require approval prior to appearing on my site.  (Since 1500GMT yesterday, I have received over 300 spam comments.)  I do use a registration service called TypeKey to authenicate users and grant immediately publishing of comment rights.  TypeKey is a free service of Six Apart Inc., the company that creates MovableType (which is the program I use to power my blog), LiveJournal, TypePad Vox and a few other services.

Basically, go to TypeKey, register, log-in to TypeKey using the link in my comment section, post your comment, and then in the future you will see it on my blog right away.

A question, if I create my own registration system, will be use it?  I am planning to move my blogging on student politics over to another domain (in similar nature to where I will be creating a phpBB forum for discussion on student politics.  I could probably have the same registration system for both if I put my mind to it.

TypeKey Registration is at: