Developments for the Blogger I Linked to on the MUNSU Story

Reading Unlimited Rice Pudding today, and discovered that he/she had more to say related to their recent post that I linked, on Tuesday, to:

Well, in my last post, I devoted quite a lot of space to ranting about the Canadian Federation of Students and their empty rhetoric replacing genuine political discourse and discussion at my university. And while I’ve put some ideas out there, I have to give props to my buddy Mark for putting the point perfectly and brilliantly in his editorial in the issue of The Muse that came out earlier today. And it seems that I’m beginning to pay the price for my increasingly public political anger. I have taken the ultimate punishment that someone in my standing in society can receive – I have been unfriended on facebook by one of my former student activist acquaintances, who is now an employee of the CFS. She will go unnamed, but you and your corrupt national lobby organization will rue the day that you tried to interfere in a local political environment where you don’t belong. I don’t know how I will bring about said ruing – but I’m working on it.

Source: Unlimited Rice Pudding: The Terror of Politics