CFS/UMSU (Officially EAT HIKES) Appeal of the Engineering Tuition Referendum

There has been an appeal filed by EAT HIKES in response to the referendum on increasing tuition in the Faculty of Engineering at UManitoba.  A source sent me the appeal and the response for the CRO and DRO to the appeal.  I have also been sent the letter that was found at the site of the large banner prank (see Daryl’s Blog for the prank) The files have put converted into PDF by me for space saving and also because I do not want to force people to have to use Word to view them.

Appeal to Dr. Shalaby, Associate Dean in Charge of Undergraduate Students by EAT HIKES (PDF Document)

Response to Appeal by CRO and DRO to Dr. Shalaby, Associate Dean in Charge of Undergraduate Students (PDF Document)

Letter Left By “The Engineering Underground” at the site of prank (PDF Document)

Now the interesting part of the appeal.  It was written by the Canadian Federation of Students Manitoba Office (note how it says Manitoba Office NOT CFS Manitoba – the CFS has recently been claiming that the actions of Provincial CFS’s have nothing to do with the National CFS as they are separate entities, this is response to allegation of electoral interference) and modified by the umsu_dpr.  The position of Director of Public Relations was eliminated by UMSU Council almost two years ago (I was on Council at the time and voted in favour) and the office now used by the Vice-President External Rachel Gottiff.  This points to her computer being the one used.

Gottiff actively campaigned against the referendum and then for a NO vote by handing out materials in the walkway between Engineering and University Centre.

Here are screenshots showing the CFS’s alleged creation of the appeal.


Can we say busted?

BTW, for the CFS lawyers who are sure to send me a nice threatening letter on this; my email is: and that is the preferred method of receiving letters.