Its Election Time

First, the University of Toronto Students’ Union elections have finished and the ballots have been counted.  The results are available on the UTSU website:§i…
Appeal period is underway and there is potential of appeals.  With the margin, however, it appears that the election ran well.

The University of Toronto Scarborough had their elections.  The CFS friendly Presidential Candidate was disqualified.  CFS friendly people from other Students’ Unions were present at the UTSC vote of ratification to make sure the election was not ratified.  The current student politicians must ratify the elections which creates a conflict-of-interest and political interfere.  They choose to throw out the election and it appears they did so because they did not like the result.  It now appears possible that the UTSC will have no President or Executive next year.  A member of the UTSC has the story and great coverage on her blog: The SCSU Goes To Hell In A Handbasket on Real True Honest Love.

On an unrelated note; Oshawa will have my two passions combined for Stephen Colbert Day.  They are going to have Don Cherry at Stephen Colbert Day:

SSMU elections at going on at McGill and as seems to be the becoming the norm there; a bias referendum question as appeared.  One student blogs his annoyance with the questioncampaign material and shows they can clearly think for themselves: what a joke.

There is a blog site that has just appeared call “Blog Rae” and it mentions the CFS campaign against Rae:

The Toronto Social Justice Magazine sent a photographer to the CFS day of anger in Toronto and they uploaded a whole lot of photos here:…
I think we can assume a bias here in favour of the CFS.  I noticed how all the photos were close frame and involved very small groups of people.  Often the same people.  Many of them I recognize as CFS staff or CFS-locals staff.  Clearly, their day of anger was a failure.  The question is why; are students not angry, they do not care, or the whole immature ‘we are going to bang pots and pans’ turned off students?  Either way, lots of money (including staff wages) was put into this event.  The CFS should be conducting a review of this and figure how what went wrong.  Student money was not well spent on this one.

Correction made based on comment, thank you to fact-checkers!