City Hall Can Be Made Accessible This Fall - If Ward 2 Elects Candidate in Wheelchair

Hamilton’s City Hall can be made fully accessible for persons with physical disabilities this fall, City staff say in response to an inquiry following the registration of Terri Wallis for Ward 2 City Councillor.

Council ChambersWallis, a member of the City’s Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities, uses a wheelchair and will not be able to access – without assistance – Council Chambers, meeting rooms, or her new office if elected.

I emailed City staff asking if residents choose to elect Wallis – or any other candidate who uses a mobility device – can City Hall be made accessible in time for them to take office in December.

City Hall was renovated in 2010, but the renovations did not including making public meetings spaces accessible.

In 2012, after two years of pressure, City Council approved studying how to make fix.

In April 2014, Council approved $45,000 in design work to make City Hall accessible, deciding to schedule the capital work for late 2015.

City spokesperson Michael Kirkopoulos replied that the City can expedite the work if required, as the City expects to be ready to tender the work this fall.

Will Hamiltonian’s elect someone in a wheelchair?

If they do, it will do more than change a Council seat, it will change City Hall.