City responds to concerns of #HamOnt Independents


Debbie Spence, communications officer for the Planning and Economic Development department, sent an email to the signatories of Local Media Access at City Hall: A Joint Statement at noon today.

In the email, Ms. Spence writes that Chris Murray will be emailing the signatories next week in response to the request for dialogue and communication.

Ms. Spence writes:

At this time I will be leading the staff review and revisions of the policy and gathering input internally and externally.”

I, for one, have extensive dealings with Ms. Spence as both a journalist and a community leader (Open Hamilton). Ms. Spence’s department is one of the most response to citizen and media inquiries.

I have full confidence in the staff review process being lead by a professional civic servant with a strong record of community partnerships and transparent dialogue.

I’m glad to see the positive response to the letter and look forward to see the interests of citizens (journalists are citizens) being at the forefront of an improved communications policy.

While the review is underway, the present City communications policy will stay in effect.