Peter Kormos - a giant of the Ontario Legislature

–Briefly as I’m on a coffee break–

I’m saddened to learn that Peter Kormos is retiring.

I first met Mr. Kormos in one of the elevators in Queens Park at the age of 15 when I was visiting for the first time. I mistakenly thought he was Hamilton Mountain MPP Trevor Pettit.

Mr. Kormos enjoyed my mistaken identity, noted that both looked similar but had very different politics. (Mr. Pettit was a member of the Conservative Mike Harris government)

Mr. Kormos said, with a playful laugh, the difference between him and Mr. Pettit was his (Kormos) hair was real.

A decade later, in 2007, I returned to Queen’s Park as a member of the media covering a story.

My first day at Queen’s Park, Mr. Kormos came to introduce himself. He remembered meeting me a decade earlier.

I’m a student of political science and someone with a love of politics. I’ve observed Mr. Kormos since the day of the Bob Rae NDP government. He knew how to be effective and it is a great loss for the Legislature as a whole that he is retiring.