Statement by #HamOnt Mayor Bob Bratina on media access and open data

Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina wrote the following to Larry Pattison in response to a letter from Mr. Pattison expressing concerns about statements by the Mayor’s Chief of Staff.

*The Mayor cc’d the signatories of the open letter expressing concerns about the statements. *

The following is the Mayor’s statement in its entirety:

**Dear Mr. Pattison, **
**One of my priorities as Mayor has been to bring more information to the public, not less.  I was asked the day after the election what my first priority was, and answered  “live streaming of all committee and Council meetings”.  That was accomplished within two months of my taking office.  This is important because media often picks and chooses what stories to cover and what angle to take.  The closer the public can get to the daily business of their Council, whether by streaming, requests for information, broader and more thorough coverage through media, including blogs, etc., the better.  **
** **
The offices of Mayor and City Manager were the first to publicly support the concept of “Open Data”.  We are now reviewing all matters related to communications and public information.  The public will have an opportunity to give input, and final decisions will be in the hands of Council.
** **
**Sincerely, **
**Bob Bratina, **
Mayor, City of Hamilton.