Committee of Adjustment - October 24, 2013

The Committee of Adjustment will hear 11 variance requests on October 24. Of these, two are of potential interest – a residential care facility looking to expand in Ward 3, and a new development in Stoney Creek’s Valley Park looking for a variance to cut lot sizes 33% below the zoning bylaw requirements

Cedar Haven Residential Care Home Homes for Special Care

Cedar Haven Residential Care Home Homes for Special Care, located at 169 Delaware Avenue in Ward 3 is looking to expand from its current seven (7) residents to nine (9).

The *Inform Hamilton *listing for the RCF states it’s a “Ontario Ministry of Health licensed home for special care. It is a residential home offering 24/7 supervised and supportive housing program for community residents with psychiatric diagnosis, memory impairment or affective brain disorders.”

The Zoning Bylaw for the home permits a maximum of six (6) residents. The home is seeking the variance to be above the limit. It’s present situation is what is referred to as “legally established non-conforming”.

Ward 3 Councillor Bernie Morelli expresses concerns about the concentration of RCFs in Ward 3 and this RCF is seeking to expand beyond the zoning maximum.

Staff recommend the variances be granted.

220 Mud Street West (Stoney Creek)

This is the land directly east of Felker’s Creek, south of Mud Street, in Valley Park. It’s one of the last parcels of land within walking distance of the Valley Park library and recreation centre.

The developer is seeking minor variances to have a slightly smaller than allowed maisonette unit, smaller than allowed privacy areas for eight homes, and slightly smaller parking spaces.

There is nothing in the variances themselves that are unusual for Committee of Adjustment to approve. However, when this development was in front of Planning Committee, the committee expressed unease with how many houses were planned for the site. Among the concerns, parking being an issue with the length of driveways and density of the homes.

Staff are recommending the variances.