Disgusting, Absoluteing Disgusting

I read the following and I am disgusted.  The CTVnews report I saw last night shocked me when I learned of this.  Killing of animals that are not dangerous to anyone.  Sure they eat at trees but there are not doing it on the main part of campus.

Upset at University of Waterloo over drowning beavers

By: 570 News

Animal lovers are up in arms that the University of Waterloo has hired someone to capture and drown beavers on its property.

The animals have chopped down several trees on campus in recent months, including one that fell near a walking path over the weekend.

The school administration says the beaver’s presence on campus has become a safety issue.
A trapper has been ordered to get rid of them, and so far one beaver, considered a symbol of Canada’s sovereignty, has been drowned.
Anne Ross, a secretary at the University, says the traps being used result in a slow, cruel death.
“What they’re doing isn’t illegal, just cruel,” said Ross, who has long history of rescuing wild animals. “We’re very upset because there were alternatives.”

Source: NEWS. TALK. SPORTS – 570news.com – Upset at University of Waterloo over drowning beavers