The McGill Daily - SSMU councillors mull over national representation

The McGill Daily reports on the CFS attempts to take in the SSMU.  I found the following section to be interesting:

Students would vote on whether or not to become a full member at a referendum later this year. Prospective membership would give CFS the right to campaign on campus during referendum period – a contingency that worried Itzkowitz, who voiced concern about such a referendum being conducted fairly.
“Usually CFS wants to have all monetary restrictions removed and restrictions on outside campaigners removed, so that they can bring national executives and staff and pour thousands and thousands of dollars into the race,” he said.
Silverman replied that McGill has some of the strictest electoral by-laws in Canada, and a strong history of upholding them.
Both Silverman and Izkowitz pointed out that it may not be in the Society’s best interest to be part of an CFS because it gives large student associations – like SSMU – the same voting weight as small ones. They both conceded, however, that SSMU could easily become a leading member of the Federation.
“I don’t think [CFS] is the right fit for us, necessarily,” Izkowitz continued. He pointed out that, as another option, SSMU could remain independent.

Silverman knows what he said is misleading.  The second that a SU takes up “prospective membership” in the CFS, they have entered a legal contract with the CFS.  The contract requires that the SU suspend all of its bylaws and accept CFS “rules” for the administration of the CFS “referendum”.  The SSMU will be required to hand over control to CFS overlords. 
If the SSMU dares to hold a true referendum under local rules and in a truly democratic nature, they are in violation of their legally binding contract with the CFS.  Now, we all know that the CFS loves to sue anyone that dares to not accept they loving control.

On a side note, one thing in the article did bother me.  The picture of the CFS National Chairperson.  It is clearly not the best picture they had of her.  The black and white quality of it enhances the darkness “bags” around her eyes and the facial look is of a person in a daze.  I know Ms. Aziz from her time on UMSU Council and I feel it is an unfair picture.

Source: The McGill Daily