Drew Mitchell: You Should Have Resigned Already

I completely and whole heartly agree with the Editorial in The Silhouette today.
Here it is word for word:

Show Me The Money

The end of November is normally the time when MSU members are made aware of how their money was spent last year, and the SRA is told how the MSU is spending money this year. MSU Corporate Bylaw 4 requires the VP Finance to have published the MSU audit for the previous year in the Sil by November 30. By that same date, the SRA is to be given a compreshensive update on MSU current finances, the Mid-Year Budget Review. You can turn through all 36 pages of this week’s issue, but you will not find the audit in the Silhouette this year.
No one, except maybe a few people in the MSU office, knows the current state of MSU finances at this point, the midterm of the current Board. This is unacceptable now and it always has been.
The person responsible for this is the VP Finance, Drew Mitchell. Some would argue that this position is most clearly specified as to the duties involved of all of the Board of Directors’ roles. So, it shocks us to see that the financial administration of the MSU is so poorly managed.
The SRA does not know what the MSU balance sheet looks like, and neither do students. There was a time when the VP Finance understood responsibilities of the office. In 1983, the Treasurer of the MSU noticed that he had made a mathematical error. He immediately called an emergency meeting of the SRA, which occurred only 6 days after the error was discovered. He explained the error, took responsibility, and, without anyone asking, resigned. He understood the esteem of his office and respected it.
This is not the case with Mr. Mitchell; instead of taking responsibility, he has promptly tried to blame others for his error in not presenting the audit on time. He claimed that the Speaker should have told him what the bylaws required him to do, less than two weeks after he wrote to the Silhouette, with the entire Board, stating they follow bylaws. This was not some obscure bylaw or task. The presentation of the audit is the most important task for the VP Finance. The budget review is of the top three priorities.
He has had six months to do this. Drew Mitchell has brought his office into disrepute and shown he is unable to fulfill even the simple taks of his office. He is unfit to continue as VP Finance. If Drew Mitchell has integrity, he should take responsibility for his failings.

Drew Mitchell, students want your resignation. The only reason we have not petition for it is that we, the students, are completely powerless to hold you to account. The MSU Constitution protects you from being accountable to students.