Show = Calling for Open Accountable and Transparent Governance

Someone was kind enough to point this out.  I am not surprised with Kyle Park not liking my position.  He hates the idea of being accountable.  His statements prove this time and time again.  I will comment to this conversation between these SRA members.

That is correct, there will be a ‘show’ as Kyle Park states.  I will continue to press for open accountable and transparent governance.
For the record, I have no critism of Ms. Roberts.  She puts ‘show’ in quotes clearly showing she is not of the same opinion as Mr. Park.  I also enjoy that Mr. Park has taken a copyrighted image without permission from The Varsity.  This is the same Kyle Park who is ranting along with Paul Jones that the MSU should look into charging me with slander for my column in The Silhouette and for this blog.  For the record, I could care less that he uses a copyrighted photo.  I am just pointing out the irony. 
Also, here is (yes I am using the copyrighted photo, but this falls under the definition of ‘fair dealing’) the entire photo which was taken when Kyle Park was challenging the Speaker on behalf of the Executive and the Executive is hundling together to try to overrule fair process: