Eyeopener Coverage of the CFS this week

The Eyeopener has decided to risk another nasty letter from the CFS lawyers by conducting journalism about the CFS. I would be confident that the articles have been to the lawyer a few times just to make sure that the CFS does not have a real case. The CFS will likely waste student money on going after the Eyeopener anyway.
Here is the Eyeopener Editorial for this week’s edition:

The Eyeopener story about the Canadian Federation of Students is available online here (may be a for a limited time only since I would expect the CFS lawyers to launch a lawsuit against this student newspaper): http://www.theeyeopener.com/article/3350 (Oh yeah forgot my disclaimer – I take no responsibility nor do I necessarily endorse the contents {have to cover my @$$ in case the CFS sues me} of this link) That link being the link to The Eyeopener’s extensive article about the CFS: http://www.theeyeopener.com/article/3350

The CFS had one of their many lawyers fire off a “cautionary” letter to The Eyeopener and it is available here: http://www.theeyeopener.com/images/3350.pdf

I have taken screenshots of it here:

Here is a question for the CFS and CFS-O, why is it that only one question is asked about membership in the Canadian Federation of Students. If they are both separate organizations then would it not be valid to state that no student is required to pay CFS-O fees since they did not vote to join them because the question only states: “Are you in favour of membership in the Canadian Federation of Students?”

I remind CFS lawyers that I will not take your phone calls. All communication with me is to be done in writing to my email address: joey@joeycoleman.ca