Firefox 2 Beta 1 : It is here (and of course being a gek, I am using it)

WARNING: This is the nightly build from last night and represents the first Beta Version of Firefox. A beta version, especially first release, will usually have a few bugs. This is not for the faint of heart.
I am now using the new Firefox 2! I like it so far. Only complaint, this being the first day of the Beta, none of my extensions work with Firefox 2. Many features are not yet working in the new Firefox but that is okay, I understand that being a Beta it is going to be missing some stuff.
Here are some screenshots:
Here you can see that a close tab button is on each tab. I have noticed that tabs open quicker and switching between is quicker compared to FireFox 1.5.
The search feature has improved with auto-suggestion for Google and Yahoo! Very nice.
The new Firefox also has automatic spell check for those times where you cannot spell. Considering that I have dysgraphia, that is very often for me.
On the whole, looking good… my advice, hold out till it comes out in a month or two.
BUT …. if you really want it here it is:
Now if you are daring and willing to take the risk, you can go get it here: