Yahoo! Communicates! with! MSN!

Yahoo! Messenger! now! works! to! contact! MSN! Messenger! contacts! and! vice-versa!
From! the! Inquirer!:

Microsoft and Yahoo merge messaging services in beta
Heavyweights combine
By INQUIRER newsdesk: Thursday 13 July 2006, 16:22
WEB HEAVYWEIGHTS that aren’t Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are runnning a beta test of software that combines the firm’s competing instant messaging service.
The merging of the services will create user base of some 350 million and give the pair massive lead over rivals such as Google and Skype.
Users of Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger with Voice will able to connect and chat with one another. Yahoo denied the move was a response to Google’s recently-introduced Chat service.
The service will be officially launched “in the coming months”, the companies said. µ

I will be installing the Yahoo! Messenger! Beta! Tonight! (if all goes as planned) and will update on how it works.