Frustration at McMaster University and the McMaster Students Union

I have been sitting on this for about two weeks and I am still rather frustrated.

McMaster University and the MSU are dragging their feet on fixing a major problem for students with disabilities. Let me be clear to both these parties. I will not stand by and allow students with disabilities to continue to be disadvantaged because of your agendas. We have collected the necessary evidence to take this to the Human Rights Tribunal. We know of the side deal made with one student this year, the student who was most vocal and promised to take both your parties to Tribunal. The rest of us put our faith in the negotiation process since an agreement had been reached and all we were waiting for was implementation.

We will not sit by another year, we will take the case to Tribunal. We have the evidence to prove that the side deal was made. (Not to worry, the student the deal was made with as lived up to their end of the bargain and denied it occurred) We have the minutes and I have recordings of members of the Executive Board admitting the deal was made and approved by the Executive Board in closed session. Not only is that unethical, the Executive Board does not have the power to make the deal. Regardless, by making the deal, the MSU no longer can use the same defense they did in the last Tribunal hearing.

It is up to the MSU and the University to solve this now! The only reason the Tribunal did not rule harshly against both parties was that both parties were able to claim they were working in good faith to fix the problem and it would be solved for this year. This year is done and it is not solved. To solve things for next year, you need to sit down now and fix it.

The ball is in your court. We, the students with disabilities looking for this problem to be solved, are watching and are prepared to act.