CFS loses Referendum at Concordia

The Canadian Federation of Students overwhelmingly lost a locally run, fair referendum at Concordia.  The CSU has the results on their site, included in the question:

Concordia Student Union 2007 Referendum Results

Q1 – Are you in favour of paying a Canadian Federation of Students membership fee levy of $0.41 per credit which will be applicable to all undergraduate students and would be implemented in the Fall (2007/2) term and collected in accordance with the University’s tuition billing and refund policy?


Notice how it included the cost. The normal question that the CFS requires to be asked is: “Are you in favour of membership in the Canadian Federation of Students?”

Normally, the CFS runs the election themselves, they plaster a campus with CFS materials and flood the campus CFS campaigners who are not students at the school.

I hope that the CSU has a paper trail for this vote, especially permission from the CFS to have run it.