I love the CFS

I think that is what they want me to say.

Anyway, I got a phone call on my personal cell tonight from a 613 area code number. I answer, figuring that I am getting a call back on a Parliament Hill story I am chasing. Turns out it was the CFS lawyer giving me a call.

Anyway, they are unhappy with a part of my post of Sunday entitled “CFS loses Referendum at Concordia.”

Of course, this is the same CFS that does not sue students (they have not gone that far with this call) and is not litigious according to them. You know, using a lawyer sorta does not help convince me that you are not litigious. I know, the CFS has not taken me to court so it is not litigation but really is there a big difference?

I am sick and tired of CFS doublespeak.

Here is another thing, the call came to my personal cellphone. There is only one person that I have ever given that number to at the CFS National Office. I guess that the recent lets send the lawyers out after students, student press, and student blogs is not just limited to one person.

Let me be clear to the CFS and CFS lawyers – DO NOT CALL MY PERSONAL CELLPHONE. You want to contact me, use my email: joey@joeycoleman.ca

I will not communicate with CFS lawyers in any other means than writing.

Also, I am going to be clear to you again: ANY AND ALL EMAILS/LETTERS/OTHER FORMS OF COMMUNICATION FROM the CFS, CFS-S, CFS-MB, CFS-O, CFS-Q, CFS-BC, Travel Cuts, or anything CFS related (since you love to claim that each is a completely separate entities) or the lawyers of said organizations/entities, WILL BE PUBLISHED ON MY WEBSITE AT MY SOLE DISCRETION.

I guess I was correct when I stated on my blog in the comments section that an April Fool’s joke about the CFS would consist of the following headlines:

April Fools?
Evan, It is not.
An April Fools joke would be something like:

CFS releases financial information.
CFS promises to not sue student unions, students, student media, or student bloggers.
Link held accountable.
Boyko calls student media happy about a story.
CFS promises to respect local autonomy.

The list goes on.

Oh yeah, if anyone is wondering, the CFS does have a good law firm: http://www.gowlings.com/professionals/professionals.asp?prof_keyword=&intServiceId=0&office=4&strNextAction=submit&strAlphaLetter=&strOffice=%A0%A0Ottawa&strService=%A0%A0All+Services

These guys are not cheap. Just another example of your CFS fees at work.