Get Me A Big Mac You Stupid Jack

Okay, I am will not a good rapper but at least I was able to rhyme Big Mac with something!
(Yes I know I am giving McDonald’s free publicity and I have always said: “All Publicity is Good Publicity”)
Reading in the Telegraph today the following article (excerpt):

McDonald’s is tempting rappers to use the name Big Mac in their lyrics, it was reported yesterday.
The fast food chain will offer singers up to five dollars every time their song is played on the radio, the American magazine Advertising Age said.
It said its goal was to have Big Macs featuring in several songs by the summer.

A very smart marketing move, get your product advertised using popular culture!
Before people run off saying how bad this is changing rap to market products, think about every movie, T.V. show and sporting event you go to. It is no coincidence that the actor is drinking Coke or a Coke machine is in the background, Coke paid for it to be there.
… as a sidenote, I was not paid by any of these companies to place there products in my blog …. the reason I choose Coke is because when I am talking to a friend of mine in Hamilton on the phone, and every couple of days she complains about the Coke contract at McMaster.