I am Confused

Reading the National Post Online today and there is this article that confused me:

A University of Toronto professor says consumers want to be more interactive with their news and have greater command over it. “Newspapers have been obsolesced for a long time. With the concentration of ownership, the demise of people like Dan Rather, television is obsolesced as well,” Mark Federman, chief strategist of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, told Global Sunday yesterday. “When something is so widely used, it’s obsolete.” Mr. Federman says the mainstream media, including television and newspapers, are so ubiquitous that they are “obsolete” and must reinvent themselves if they are to remain relevant. That leaves the mainstream media trying to keep pace with Internet and wireless technologies.

“When something is so widely used, it’s obsolete.” – I am confused, if something is widely used how can it be obsolete, could be soon obsolete but not obsolete already.
In terms of newspapers being obsolete, they are not. They do have to change to having at least some form of a PDA download option but alot of GO commuters will keep reading print versions. The wireless world is great but people are saying enough. Recently, the FAA asked flyers if they wanted to use their cellphones on flights and overwhelmingly, flyers said they wanted to remain disconnected from the outside world. To them an airplane is an oasis away from the crazy wireless world they live in.
But I am still confused as to what this prof meant.