Globe and Mail releases Annual University Report Card

This will definitely of interest to a large segment of my readership.  The Globe and Mail has published their annual report card of Canada’s universities.  I don’t get much weight to the ranking because they are unscientific and rely upon the opinion of students who do not really have experience with other universities to be able to effectively compare their university to others.  It is like saying Tim Hortons coffee is better than Dunkin Donuts coffee without ever having Dunkin Donuts coffee.

It is extremely hard to compare universities in Canada, and honestly I do not know what to suggest to do it effectively.  I am just saying that I do not participate in these surveys because I do not really know how to rank my school to, for example, University of Toronto.    I could give you my opinion on a comparsion between University of Manitoba and McMaster, but it is just that my opinion.

Link to univ. report card