Hamilton Spectator - November 2nd Issue

A little nervous right now and having a rough time getting to sleep so I am reading the Hamilton Spectator online right now.  Here are the stories that I have read of interest:

  1. No room for poppies: Store gives war veteran the boot: Why is it that every single year there is one of these stories?  Come on!  In this case, he is supposely related to a lack of space in the store in question.  My message is simple, MAKE ROOM for the veterans.  This includes making space that may cost a little bit of profit!  There would be no profit for private operators if we did not have this people who fought (and people that fight today) for our country.  Get it together.  Further, why do these stores not understand that they are going to get bad press?

  2. It’s official: Girt steps into job of deputy chief: I am glad to see this promotion.  Deputy Chief Girt was previously responsible for Division 2 which includes Hamilton East.  He was very proactive in his relations with my community.  I am glad to see this promotion.