God Isn't Giving You That Choice Coleman

Sunday, July 8, 2001 - Land Forces Central Area Training Centre Meaford

The call is made, who among us recruits wishes to attend Church Parade. I declare that I will be attending services.

We form up alphabetically, my last name happens to place me first.

The Sergeant asks me "So Coleman, what are you?"

"Baptist Sergeant!"

"Coleman, God isn't giving you that option. So what are you again?"

"Baptist Sergeant"

"Coleman, God is only giving you two choices, Catholic or Catholic without the Pope"

I stare blankly ahead. The Sergeant had a wit about him, and even after a week, I've realized that it's best to shut-up; this Sergeant enjoys humiliating recruits more than the others. I'm already standing out, I'm a slow runner in morning physical activity, but scoring very high in classroom instruction. I'm also blond, and there's no other blond haired soldiers in my platoon.

"Okay Coleman, Anglican it is. For those of you who are not Catholic, the Protestant service this week will be conducted by ... "