On Pressed Black Pants

I was that guy in high school, pressed black pants every day. What some may call dressing for success; but at its root there was a practicality to this - I found that Moore's sold good pants at a fair price, and eventually they became my entire pant wardrope.

"Boring" as my closest friend often remarked. Black shoes (running shoes, again practical), and a collared polo shirt of some type. This was my "uniform" before I actually had a uniform.

Post High-School, wearing a loose fitting uniform for work, I slowly converted to loose fitting cargo pants and khakis.

In university, and post-university, I never went back to pressed pants. In rez and renting a student room, I didn't have a iron and ironing board. I've never purchased one.

We'll see what I decide this summer, definitely thinking of going back to crisply pressed black pants for this fall.