Hamilton City Council for May 14, 2014

Hamilton City Council for May 14, 2014
City Council will ratify their work of the past two weeks, with one close-vote item that could go either way.

Once ratification is complete, Council will debate directing staff to begin designating King George School as a heritage building – which could prevent the public school board’s plan new high school project.

Council will also debate a motion from Sam Merulla that forbids Council from discussing LRT until after the June 12th provincial election. Brad Clark is opposing the motion, on the grounds that Council shouldn’t silence itself on an important issue. Merulla responded with a brash accusation that Clark is putting Mayoral ambitions above what’s best for the City.

Live video starts at 5pm

The Planning Committee report includes a vote on changes to the Responsible Animal Ownership By-law that will allow Little Ray’s Zoo to operate with some prohibited reptiles.

The vote on 4-3 in favour. Councillors Collins, Farr, Johnson, and Pearson voted in favour. Clark, Partridge, and Pasuta voted against. Whitehead and Ferguson were not present.

General Issues Committee dealt with LRT/BRT during a lengthy debate last Wednesday, before voting to receive a presentation. Merulla’s LRT debate moratorium is separate from the GIC report and will be dealt with at the end of the Council agenda.

Council voted 8-4 in GIC to build a Civic Gateway Sign along the 403 just west of Highway 6 North. In favour were Bratina, Duvall, Farr, Ferguson, Jackson, Pearson, Whitehead. Opposed were Collins, Merulla, Pasuta, and Partridge. Clark, Johnson, McHattie, Powers were absent.

If none of the absent Councillors vote in favour, the vote could be 8-8 with the motion failing.

The Emergency & Community Services Report, and the Audit Finance & Administration Report’s are straight forward without any close votes recorded.

After reports are done, Council will deal with the King George motion and the LRT debate motion.