Have You Not Driven in Snow Before?

I finally did it, I finally had a complete uncontrolled wipe-out on a Sobi Bike. The wipeout was entirely of my own fault and doing.

It was a light steady snow today, the kind that makes roads slippery and covered in slush. There's just enough snow on the ground to shovel, and not a flake more.

Saturday late morning, I mount the bike and try to enter the roadway accelerating at the same time. I turn the front handle bars, as I would normally do, and the backend came out from underneath me. I'm now sliding along the bike lane.

Thankfully, the same slush that cause me to loss control of the bike is cushioning me from the friction of direct contact with the asphalt beneath.

I made a couple of errors:

  1. Forgetting how to handle a back heavy Sobi Bike
  2. While I set the seat lower than summer reading, I should've set it even lower. In the winter, I usually set at 2.5 so if I stand, I'm standing firmly above the bike.
  3. Trying to me a turning entry into the roadway. During winter, I usually mount and dismount in the bike lane after walking the bike onto the roadway.

Lesson learned, with no injury.