Is It A Re-Gift if I Got Myself The Gift to Give Away?

Is It A Re-Gift if I Got Myself The Gift to Give Away?

Playing the Secret (not really secret) Santa game, I scanned the gift selection for something that I wanted to take home at the end of the final steals. I decided I wanted the cooking pans, but, I knew there was almost no chance I would get the pans.

Not wanting to end up with something I couldn't make good use of, I scanned the prizes to determine my consolation prize.

It was then that a "less valuable" prize became the prize of my eye.

It is the perfect gift for someone else; a gift that will carry meaning for them, and impress them with my originality.

Okay, not true originality, nonetheless, I'm going with this because I've looked at, priced out, and thought about the logistics of this almost identical gifts.

At the end of the night, I left with this item, which will one day be gifted to someone else.

(I'm not going to reveal what the item is - the friend who will eventually receive it reads my blog)

Is It a Gift or a Regift?

I'll cut the suspense, it's a gift. It is not a regift.

Here's why: I did not randomly receive the gift, I purposefully strategized to obtain it.

The Joey of my teenage years and early 20s would disagree; a gift had to be purchase either by money or personal labour.

I did have an enjoyable internal debate prior to writing this post. I do enjoy my own contradictions.

The strongest counter argument that it is a regift? I cannot presently see a scenario in which I would purchase this exact item.

The reason that counter argument didn't win? This item is better than of the similar ones I looked at, and I've been thinking about scenarios for gifting this type of gift.

Now, when do I give this gift? I don't know, I must patiently await the opportunity. Until this, the gift is now safely wrapped and hidden.

The only question I ask now, how quickly will friend determine in the future there gift is the one I'm blogging about today?