HSR Service to McMaster

Tonight, the MSU President and myself will be taking the 2050 5C Bus to Ancaster and then riding it back to McMaster when it becomes a 5A. I am going to show the MSU President the current problem that this bus faces at 2142 when it gets to the campus. Currently, Students are paying thru our U-Pass fee for an HSR extra bus to run to pick up students getting out of night class. The problem is that this buses intentionally runs 5 minutes behind the 5A creating a situation where the 5A is over capacity and the extra is empty. Furthermore, the 5A ends up running 4 minutes late and arrives downtown at 2201 meaning that all connections downtown have left and students are forced to wait 29 minutes for the next bus (all buses in Hamilton are 30 minute service in the evening). This is not acceptable. The HSR bureaucracy has been made aware of and even shown the problem but as per the norm for the HSR bureaucracy they have done nothing. Hopefully more pressure will assist them in discovering common sense.