Word Processing at a Library?

I am here at the McMaster University Library and there are no computers with word processing. I am annoyed to say the least. U of M had many computers in the Library that had word processing. Not only that, right now (Sunday 1:30pm) U of M has six computer rooms open with word processing:
St. John’s College (24hrs but building doors are locked 11pm-7am)
St. Paul’s College (8am-10pm)
University College (24hrs except Fri and Sat night)
8 Dafoe (8am-11pm)
Mackray Hall (8am-11pm) (UNIX lab is 24/7)
Engineering (which is 24/7 expect during Christmas Shutdown)
McMaster University has only 4 computer labs all of which are only open Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm and no word processing in the library.
Frustration has set in!
My other rant is the Ontario powergrid. I have now experienced 11 power outages since I came back 6 weeks ago. The first one being when I landed (the power went out when I was at the luggage area) and the most recent have been 6 this week!