I Have Been Replaced

I have always said that in a big organization, everyone is replacable and the organization is bigger than one person. I knew someone would pick up the torch (so to speak) at UMSU on food service and continue to scare the University Administration and Aramark into caring about students.
The replacement as step forward: Matt Soprovich of Tache/Speechly Hall.
Matt has been doing a great job of mobilizing students against the unaccountable ways of Aramark and UofM Administration.
When Matt emailed me weeks ago, I thought it was just another email that I would merely forward to the current UMSU Councillors, turns out it was not.
Keep up the good work Matt! I, and many other past and current UMSU Councillors are very impressed.
(If Matt runs for UMSU Council – vote for him – he is doing an amazing job)