Statement from Matt at UMSPAR in regards to leaving your mess behind in P. Hall

Do NOT do it!

March 24/06 – 10:45pm
Alright crowd, let’s get something straight. I’m not sure how effective this is with my, what, 8 hits a day, but nonetheless it needs to be said.
I’ve been just told of a significant and notable increase in the amount of mess, garbage and food being left in Pembina Hall that’s been happening since UMSPAR first started circulating our petition, and because of the timing of this I feel that it is my responsibility to say something:
Fucking stop it! Just fucking grow up and stop it! Stop!
Allow me to elaborate on these points a little further: To all the guilty parties, what you are doing helps absolutely nobody. Not only does it take away from the legitamacy of the cause because of its blatent immaturity, all that leaving mess on tables serves to do is make more work for the servers, which I personally absolutely do not want at all.
Like seriously, you probably all know what its like to wait tables, or be a clerk, or do something that involving cleaning. The P.Hall servers do a kick ass job day in, day out that I hold high regards to them for – same to all the cooks, busboys, lunch ladies, card-swiping ladies (who by the way helped me out quite a bit during both my stints as a cripple). And what I am striving for in no way implicates them – to anyone who actually attended the protest (around 10% of rez) I would like to think that I made clear in the speech that I gave. What I am fighting against is the company itself and their practices that I do not believe in. And what my ultimate goal is is to be able to give the staff and students better food options to work with and consume. But when students that may be associated with our cause are doing dumb shit like this, it makes what we are trying to accomplish as a body turn from level-headed, intelligent (IMHO) concerns to stupid, spoiled-brat whining. Seriously.
The truth is, I’ve spent substantial time myself cleaning tables and floors, serving people drinks, cooking at the dub, you name it (13 jobs before even starting university) and for people to be blatently disregarding who they are affecting when they deliberately leave loads of shit on the table, it seriously is just completely shitty for a server to clean up. Trust me.
So seriously, all of you who are thinking with your asses instead of your heads, just fucking stop it. It helps absolutely nobody. If you are taking the initiative to do shit like this, let’s divert your efforts into something not so fucking useless. Give me an email, I’ll put you to good use instead to this – because with the media attention that we’re getting, we need students to keep plugging in a good way instead of a bad way.
And if you see anyone ignorantly and deliberately making messes for the servers to clean up, fucking slap ’em across the head! Doesn’t matter who they are – tell ’em to talk to me if they really want to leave their shit all over the table!
Matt Soprovich