MSU Meeting - grrrrr what a different culture.

Well, it seems that the MSU powers-that-be really do not like my habit of questioning the status quo.
Heaven forbid a MSU member actually start suggesting ways to improve the MSU.
First tonight in information period, I made a point of offering a peace gesture to the MSU Powers-that-be in the form of thanking them for putting on the General Assembly. I am a honest person so I stated that I look forward to the October General Assembly where we will get even more people out and that yes I will be bring forth the Accountability Act once again with improvements. At this point I started to get the dirty looks, way too funny. I then spoke of how I got feedback from a Students’ Union in the Martimes that included the suggestion that it should include an audit committee. I really like that idea, a committee that meets weekly just to go over the transactions of the week previous that is independent of political interferance. I believe that having the summer to tweak the Act will enable it to be much better in October and will make the MSU better in years to come.
Then at the meeting, a member brought up that the Election Appeals have not been heard yet and the new Council is supposed to take office this Wednesday yet the results are not final. This is clearly a problem if you ask me because due process is not being followed in our election process (now I am thankful that I say all the flaws with the process and got off Elections Committee). To be fair, it is because the CRO is sick. I pointed out that a similar event happened in Alberta about 5 years ago and the Council there had to serve on until the election process for the new Council had properly (aka all the processes were fairly completed) come to a final decision on appeals.
I then asked if it was not the role of the DRO to step up and act in the role of the CRO if the CRO is unable to do so. The answer I received from the VP Admin was (with lots of dirty looks my way) “we will see what happens Wednesday”, with Wednesday being the day that MSU powers-that-be intend to switch Councils regardless of if appeals have been heard. I followed this up immediately by saying my question was not answered and repeating the question with gave me tons of dirty looks from some members. Honestly, do they think that will intimidate me?
Anyway, I did get a good answer the second time (sadly, it came with a very sharp annoyed tone) which was that the VP Admin was not sure as he did not have the job description in front of him but if I came by later in the week he be able to give me the answer. That is a great answer. I just wish I got it in the first place.
Now, I know the MSU powers-that-be are enjoying the taste of victory in that only 183 students came out to general assembly and hence students were unable to give the students union direction but be gracious in victory. How ironic the situation I find myself in, a students union that is relieved by a lack of student turnout. The greater irony is that the ideas I put forth are be discussed at three other SUs with the goal of putting them in place there.