It's going to be a hot one in Hamilton this week

It's going to be a hot one in Hamilton this week
![]( "Water in Downtown Hamilton")A man handing out cold water from back of a pickup truck in downtown Hamilton during the end of May 2012 heat spell. Asked his name for caption: "I'm a Hamiltonian"
**UPDATES: [1](#update1)**

Environment Canada says it’s going to be a scorcher across Southern Ontario this week. In a Special Weather Statement issued Saturday, the weather agency expects humidex values will peak at or above 40 during the week with the highest temperatures coming Tuesday and lasting until at least Thursday.

“We’ll be ready” – City

The City of Hamilton’s heat plan is activated once humidex values are forecast to reach 40. “We’ll be ready,” wrote a city spokesperson soon after the special weather statement was released. Public Health offers advice on keeping cool and coping with the heat on their website here.

If the forecast holds, this will be the first official activation of the city’s heat response for 2012. In 2011, the city had already responded to two separate heat waves before mid-June. On May 31 and June 8, the city declared “heat advisories” due to humidex values reaching 40.
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Environment Canada Hamilton forecast

**June 18 – **28°C Mix of sun and cloud
**June 19 – **31°C Mix of sun and cloud
**June 20 – **33°C Sunny
**June 21 – **31°C Sunny
**June 22 – **26°C Sunny

All-time Hamilton temperature records

**June 18 – **35.0°C  (1929, 1957)
**June 19 – **34.5°C  (1995)
**June 20 – **35.6°C  (1949)
**June 21 – **33.9°C (1941)
**June 22 – **35.0°C (1911)[/module]

Warm overnight “lows”

This week’s expected heat wave forecast does not expect any night time relief from the temperatures with the mercury expected to remain above 20C overnight. It is the overnight heat that causes the greatest stress for humans as it does not allow for cooling of non-air conditioned buildings.

Hot but not record breaking

It will be a hot week, but won’t come close to breaking any Hamilton all-time weather records. On Thursday, temperatures may surpass the airport temperature record, giving the media something to latch onto for increased dramatic effect. The airport record is 31.5°C from 1998, but even that’s shy of the RBG weather station in Cootes’ record of 32.6°C  from 2002

Drink lots of water, look out for your neighbours

Make sure to drink water to state hydrated and check on your neighbours, especially the elderly. The city’s heat response exists because people do die from heat, we are part of that response if we look after our neighbourhoods.

Update 1 – expect poor air quality, humidex advisories

Environment Canada issued an updated special weather statement at 12:10 a.m. EDT Sunday that states an expectation that air quality will be “moderate to high” on the air quality health index. They also expect to issue humidex advisories as the heat wave approaches.