Joey's Daily* Reading List for January 28, 2017

My Not-So-Daily List of Reads from Across the WWW

I need to do better staying up on my readings and writing.

I've been watching tonight's events in the ongoing and growing constitutional crisis in the American Republic. You can find me retweet about the crisis over on my Twitter account.

I spent the past few days on a legal matter - seemingly resolved - and destressing by having coffee and tea with friends.

In no particular order:

  1. Dear Mainstream Media: Why so liberal? - I'm enjoying WaPo's Erik Wemple's series answering reader questions.

  2. Journalists grapple with online unpublishing and the “right to be forgotten” - a short piece on this topic. I've received requests to unpublish from one individual who had to explain a past comment they made when applying for work. The person now runs a professional communications practice. The comment in question was a comment they made in response to a story I wrote, I've not unpublished it because they made the statement voluntarily, were of a maturity to understand the nature of the comment, and had published their comments elsewhere. I'm extremely careful with publishing names attached to crime and allegations. I'm hopeful that my generation will be more mature about people's past than previous ones.