Joey's Not-So-Daily Links

In no particular order. Labour Arbitrator overturns demotion of fire fighters who lost licenses due to impaired driving | 2017 CanLII 12120 (ON LA) - In a Labour Arbitration ruling which is well written and alive to the relevant issues of law, a Labour Arbitrator has ruled the City of St. Catharines was not justified in demoting two firefighters who could

Joey's Not-So-Daily Linkblog for March 5, 2017

In no particular order: Uber Drives Into Big Trouble | NPR On Point - a great discussion of the reputation crisis facing Uber during the past few weeks with informed guests and good callers to the show. Sifting through the spin | The McMaster Silhouette - after McMaster undergraduate students voted down a new university-backed student fee of hundreds of dollars per

Joey's Not-So-Daily List of Readings for February 17, 2017

My not so-daily sharing of links from across the WWW In no particular order: OMB Reform: Contested development | Toronto Star - the first of a three-part series by The Toronto Star about the Ontario Municipal Board. Idea: An Indivisible guide for journalism | Dave Winer - Dave Winer loves journalism, and with good reason is disappointed in journalists. On this blog,

Joey's Daily Readings for February 12, 2017

My Daily* sharing of links from across the WWW. The power of the press can’t hold populism down, Peter Preston, The Guardian - he's right, the world is happening despite mainstream media positions. The media wants to defend their sources in government, and people want to replace failed institutions. The result is that people are looking to information that

Joey's Daily* Reading List for January 28, 2017

My increasingly not daily list of readings from across the WWW In no particular order: Rose: Thoughts about the demise of electoral reform – or, we should have seen it coming - Queen prof Jonathan Rose on electoral reform. Using Machine Learning to predict parking difficulty - an interesting read on the Google Research Blog on how difficult it is to

Joey's Daily Reading List for January 30, 2017

My daily sharing of readings from across the WWW In no particular order. What Yates Should Have Done and Quick Thoughts On Sally Yates’ Unpersuasive Statement: Two posts which make good arguments that former Acting Attorney General of the United States Sally Yates mishandled her response to the Trump Muslim Ban Executive Order. These challenged my viewpoint, I share them

Joey's Daily* Reading List for January 28, 2017

My Not-So-Daily List of Reads from Across the WWW I need to do better staying up on my readings and writing. I've been watching tonight's events in the ongoing and growing constitutional crisis in the American Republic. You can find me retweet about the crisis over on my Twitter account. I spent the past few days on a legal matter

Joey's Reading List for January 25, 2017

My Daily[^n] sharing of reads from the WWW In no particular order: Is Trump a genius: I'm going to break my try to not link to Trump stuff for this Lawrence Lessig, the Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School, piece. The Trouble for Canadian Digital Policy in an ‘America First’ World: Michael Geist,

Joey's Reading List for January 22, 2017

My daily posts sharing some of what I read today on the WWW It's Sunday, usually a slow day for new articles. My first (and likely only) edition of this post today is a new article from today, and a post by a London City Councillor from a few weeks ago which I discovered today. A question for PR supporters:

Joey's Reading List for January 21, 2017

My daily post of things I read on the WWW and am sharing with you I'm surprised by how little I have to share today, I figure this is because some much attention is on the Women's marches around the world that my favourite writers are at, and haven't yet written their thoughts on. Keeping libraries relevant — HPL: Hamiltonian Rick

Joey's Reading List for January 20, 2017

My daily blog post sharing links from the WWW In no particular order: Postcards from the end of the Obama era, last night's Radio Open Source show was excellent, with guests who've observed President Obama, and guests who are among his friends. The show gave a good reflection - both positive and negative - of what the end of the

Joey's Reading List for January 19, 2017

My daily share of readings from across the WWW In no particular order: The cities of Ottawa and Gatineau are working on 'seamless' transit. Meanwhile in Hamilton, our Council won't even consider seamless transit within one city. Redeemer College students can't get bus service because the Ancaster councillor says no, buses stop at old municipal boundaries, and don't even get