Joey's Not-So-Daily List of Readings for February 17, 2017

My not so-daily sharing of links from across the WWW

In no particular order:

  1. OMB Reform: Contested development | Toronto Star - the first of a three-part series by The Toronto Star about the Ontario Municipal Board.

  2. Idea: An Indivisible guide for journalism | Dave Winer - Dave Winer loves journalism, and with good reason is disappointed in journalists. On this blog, Winer calls for journalists to teach people to conduct journalism "We could have eyes and ears everywhere"

  3. Politics, Media and President Trump | The Brian Lehrer Show - A good discussion with Greta Van Susteren about "partisan politics and partisan media in the age of President Trump".

  4. Oscar-Nominated Documentaries: 'OJ: Made in America' | The Brian Lehrer Show - I watched the documentary and it reshaped how I looked at this trial which I watched every day at school in the mid-90s. A good discussion behinds the scenes of the making of the film.