Multi-Ball V - January 28, 2020

Multi-Ball V - January 28, 2020

Multi-ball is what I’m entitling posts with many short thoughts and links. Yes, I’m using a pinball term. Photo: Buses at Union Station Sunday morning as I left Toronto.

You Can GO Home for The Day

'We haven't seen you in awhile', the barista at Durand Coffee says with a welcoming smile as I visit Durand Coffee for the first time since September.

This was my Sunday, as I complete my fifth month living in Massey College, I travelled to Hamilton and engaged in some of my usual Sunday coffee shop routines. I purchased my coffee from RELAY, drank tea at Red Church, and worked drinking a medium roast at Durand Coffee.

A few people dropped by Durand and said hello. It was a very good day for me, I needed the break from Toronto and my duties at the UofT. (and yes, I used GO as a pun)

  1. CANADALAND's Wag The Doug podcast on Ontario provincial affairs visited Hamilton last week to learn more about the cancellation of Hamilton's LRT project, and what the cancellation means for Hamilton.

    Interviewing Ward 1 Councillor Maureen Wilson, and Ward 3 Councillor Nrinder Nann, co-hosts Jonathan Goldsbie and Allison Smith learn some of the behind-the-scenes events leading up to and during the debacle of Ontario Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney's cancelled Hamilton LRT news conference.

    Clr. Nann discusses one of the many pressing issues in light of the LRT cancellation, what becomes of all the housing stock along the B-Line corridor now owned by Metrolinx.

    Listen to the full episode on CANADALAND's website here:
  2. Nita Lelyveld of the Los Angeles Times writes a stirring column on the small things all of us can do to assist unhoused people:

    "To me, that starts with making respectful contact, one human being born naked and wailing to another born the same way. Contact can mean a lot more than you might think to isolated, ostracized people who are used to being ignored."

    These words, written by , are just two excerpts from a stirring column. I've intentionally placed that the top of today's Multi-Ball.