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  1. Labour Arbitrator overturns demotion of fire fighters who lost licenses due to impaired driving | 2017 CanLII 12120 (ON LA) - In a Labour Arbitration ruling which is well written and alive to the relevant issues of law, a Labour Arbitrator has ruled the City of St. Catharines was not justified in demoting two firefighters who could not drive fire apparatus after having their driver's licenses revoked for drinking and driving. The ruling justifying overturning the demotions (and 10% pay cuts) by noting the demoted category of Fire Fighter Class 2 normally includes driving, and therefore the City's argument the demotion is due to lack of driver's license is mute. This does leave the door open to demotions to lower categories of Class Three and below, where driving is not part of the job. In these cases, the City has been order to issue back pay to both of the Fire Fighters.