Star Wars Rebels: Twin Suns

Star Wars is really my only fiction hobby; and the ongoing animated series Star Wars Rebels is exceeding my expectations by weaving together the storylines of the Star Wars Universe.

Tonight's Rebels episode is one of the most anticipated as we see Obi-Wan Kenobi for the first time in the series.

I'm not going to write any spoilers.

I haven't yet settled on my review of the episode. There was a lot of anticipation, and the episode didn't reveal anything new to the canon. I was hoping for more.

However, removed from the anticipation, the episode flows well, and does add to the Kenobi philosophy on truth being a matter of point of view.

The ending is a nice emotional nod to the original movie.

As a part of the season arc, it fits nicely as a more enjoyable episode before what will likely be an intense season finale.

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