Trying to Make a Meat and Cheese Sandwich after 4:30pm at the Hamilton Farmers Market

I've been very impressed by the new Farmers Market manager, and the merchants he's working with to get vendors to actually stay open during the posted hours until 6:00 p.m.

This afternoon, at 4:30 p.m., I stood at King and James deciding what I was going to grab to eat. I decided - against what I felt was my better judgment - to see if I could buy deli meat, cheese slices, and buns to make myself a very simple sandwich at the Farmers Market.

I've been burned in the past going to the Farmers Market in the afternoon, but thought I give it a try anyway.

The result? I purchased buns at Multi Traditional Bakery in the west lower level, cheese from Sams on the upper level in the corner, and couldn't get deli meats because all three delis closed early.

I realized the delis were closed before I bought buns and cheese.

I could've left in quiet protest, and in the past I done so many times.

However, tt's important to reward the vendors who stay open with my business. In fact, months ago, I changed my cheese purchasing to Sams in the back upper-level corner because they stay open. Doesn't matter if its 10am, I always get my cheese there, and I always remind them they won my business by being open.

Aside: That I'm even noting a business needs to be open to get my business is a reflection of how out of touch some market vendors are; especially the ones who groan about declining business. I want to rant, but I'm sure many of you know exactly how I feel because you've experienced this.

I went to Nations Fresh to get deli meat. They have Piller's Turkey cold cuts, which is great quality.

So, my afternoon sandwich operational plan will now be: Nations Fresh for deli meats, cheese and bread at the Market - but only from the vendors who care enough to be consistently open.