Joey's Reading List for January 17, 2017

A daily list of readings I'm sharing with you

In no particular order.

  1. Trump is Making Journalism Great Again - Jack Shafer of Politico says Trump removing of media access could make journalism great again. "In his own way, Trump has set us free. Reporters must treat Inauguration Day as a kind of Liberation Day to explore news outside the usual Washington circles." (This read discovered via Bill Boskoch's excellent blog)

  2. Examining Fault Lines in a Time of Political Earthquakes - A great read from the Maynard Institute on how journalism must examine socio-economic class divides and how they cover other divides to both improve coverage and rebuild public trust. "Unfortunately, modern American journalism is built around the conflict model and pseudo events. This flawed approach relies on tension between groups or events meant to garner attention to drive coverage."

  3. Are [UK] Students Justified in Banning the Sale of Newspapers on Campus? - I find the restriction of the free exchange of ideas on university campuses to be nothing short of frustrating. The very mission of the university is destroyed when ideas are banned.

  4. Trump Falling Fast - Josh Marshall: With the rise of Trump, I've started reading America writers who've been able to read the mood of their country better than others. You'll notice most of my choices were bloggers back in 2004.