Joey's Reading List for January 19, 2017

My daily share of readings from across the WWW

In no particular order:

  1. The cities of Ottawa and Gatineau are working on 'seamless' transit. Meanwhile in Hamilton, our Council won't even consider seamless transit within one city. Redeemer College students can't get bus service because the Ancaster councillor says no, buses stop at old municipal boundaries, and don't even get me started on the poor quality of the LRT debate.

  2. McMaster students voting on $95 fee increase (they presently pay $259.09) for athletics and recreation. The Silhouette has Yes Side and No Side statements.

  3. Aidan Johnson's response to Sil editorial Self-explanatory and I've noted it further in-depth over at, and on my TPR blog.

  4. In Davos, the Police Will Disarm Your Drone in a Heartbeat

  5. Is the American Dream Really Dead? - This week's Freakonomics Radio Show. "Just a few decades ago, more than 90 percent of 30-year-olds earned more than their parents had earned at the same age. Now it's only about 50 percent. What happened -- and what can be done about it?"

  6. Rogue Columnist on Phoenix's new innovation district.

I was asked why I don't often link to Hamilton's mainstream media in my reading list. Two reasons: I assume most readers have a wide information diet, and are well aware of what is published in those publications. The other reason is that when I do link to them, it is more noticable for readers - if I were listing Hamilton news in the list, the list would be less unique, and the skimming would become a habit.