Joey's Reading List for January 20, 2017

My daily blog post sharing links from the WWW

In no particular order:

  1. Postcards from the end of the Obama era, last night's Radio Open Source show was excellent, with guests who've observed President Obama, and guests who are among his friends. The show gave a good reflection - both positive and negative - of what the end of the Obama era.

  2. Dr. Naheed Dosani provides palliative care to Toronto's homeless, and advocates for them. I first met Naheed in 2007 when he was an undergraduate student leader at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. His character stood out then. I'm not the least surprised to see him engaged in meaningful work.

  3. How Twitter Can Prevent Catastrophic Trump Tweets - an idea how to secure the world's most influential Twitter account.

  4. After populism's bold promise - John Yemma's excellent introduction to this week's Christian Science Monitor cover story discusses populism, what leads to its raise, and how its energy is used by politicians both on the left and right.

  5. [A Few Thoughts on Entering the Trump Era](A Few Thoughts on Entering the Trump Era) - Josh Marshall's blog post on the beginning of the Trump presidency, I especially enjoyed his citing Lincoln's 'Lyceum Speech'.